Why Hummus?

We looked around at the hummus that was widely available, and realized there was no authentic  hummus out there. The texture wasn’t smooth enough, the taste wasn’t simple enough and don’t get us started on the unnecessary additives.

So we decided to change that, and have fun while we did.

We are happy to say that this is REAL hummus.

What's Different?

Process, Texture, Taste.

These 3 pillars separate Habiza from your average hummus on the shelf. Our Hummus contains no extra ingredients like xanthan gum, potassium sorbate, vinegar, or oil.

 If Grandma didn’t put it in her hummus, then neither do we.

Why Habiza?

Habiza means companionship and that’s how our hummus should be enjoyed. With friends, at a party, letting loose and going crazy. We’re having fun making our hummus – you should be having fun while you enjoy it.

Who Are We?

Our hummus comes first – we’re here to bring you the authentic hummus you deserve.

But We’re also a team of rule breakers – set to shake up this industry. This is grandma’s hummus like you’ve never seen before.