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The New Era of Hummus.

It all Started in a Driveway.

With no clue but a vision to create a hummus brand honoring old-world cooking, a Gen-Z dropout joined forces with their great-great-grandmother's recipe. A week after the idea, we sold hummus from my parents' LA driveway every Sunday. With a banner, "Authentic Hummus Sold Here," repeat customers brought new ones. Months later, we reached store shelves and now we're taking Habiza everywhere, per grandma's request.


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What Does "Just Like Grandma Made It" Truly Mean?

It's our way of following Grandma's exact recipe. She had a unique bean-soaking method, cooked garbanzo beans for 4 hours, and used tahini from Lebanese mountains near her hometown—so do we. Our mission: make homemade hummus for all, enhancing afternoon snacks, family dinners, tailgates, and parties with a tastier touch.


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