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The New Era of Hummus.

What Does "Just Like Grandma Made It" Truly Mean?

It's our way of saying we follow Grandma's (Teta's) exact recipe. That means we've scaled her old-world method for soaking and cooking to yield the perfect garbanzo beans. Most importantly, we source our tahini from the mountains in the north of Lebanon, near her hometown of Douma. All of this to achieve the creamy texture and authentic taste of Grandma's hummus.


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The New Era

What does "The New Era of Hummus" mean? It means taking the hummus of the old world and bringing it to life for today's consumers. In a world where the hummus on the shelf is filled with grotesque ingredients, seed oils, and pasty texture, we decided it was time for something new. It is imperative that consumers have access to hummus that is creamy, light, and embodies a homemade taste.

But why? For the simple desire to make family dinners, late nights with friends, and every other shindig just a bit tastier.

- Jonathan Srour, Founder


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